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Established 1989




Board Member Positions Available!!

CMRLL has a variety of board and committee openings. Please email with interests/questions. The board will be meeting to discuss candidates in September. 

Board Positions

President Elect – Board Member

This will be an opportunity to work collaboratively with the current President to prepare for and consider accepting the CMRLL President position. The purpose of this role is to minimize the learning curve when leadership positions turn over. Contact Kevin Aeling for more information. 10 hours per week during season. 10 hours per month during off season.

Attend Monthly Board Meetings; Required

Equipment Manager – Board Member

Organize equipment pickup and drop off for spring and fall seasons. Organize equipment sheds and take inventory on equipment. Request and facilitate equipment purchases. Coordinate with vendors to repair equipment such as pitching machines, lights, and scoreboards. Provide training to managers about knack box and batting cage opening/lock up procedures. 20 to 30 between spring and fall seasons. Heaviest workload is in January and

Attend Monthly Board Meetings; Required

Safety Officer – Board Member

Before season; complete City Park & Rec. permission slip, update league safety plan and field facility survey – 5 to 6 hours.  Organize annual first aid training – 3 to 4 hours. Send out emails for contacts to upload names for background check – 3 to 4 hours.

During season; report any accidents to insurance carrier. 

Off Season; minimal as needed, involvement in renewing league insurance

Attend Monthly Board Meetings; required

Uniforms Chair – Board Member or Non-Board Member

Order uniforms for both Spring, Fall and All Star seasons.   Meet with President in October to order uniforms for Fall season.   Organize names and numbers for each team immediately after draft.    Work with vendor to pick up and distribute uniforms to each team.   Mid May order All Star uniforms.    Mike Ippolito will work with you this year to walk through each process.

Off Season; Order and distribute Fall Ball uniforms in late August

Attend Monthly Board Meetings; Depending on volunteers interest in being on board or not

Committee Positions

Treasurer Elect – Committee Member

Work with the league Treasurer.

Treasurer job requires 2 hours per week typically, and then monthly there is a few hours more to get documentation completed.  It takes a good amount of coordination with other board members and sometimes vendors to generate checks frequently, and get checks signed and delivered as needed.  You need to be able to organize the flow of information, requests, cash and checks that come in a disorganized fashion (texts, emails, on paper while at the field).  You are responsible for checking the PO Box at Carmel Mountain Ranch PO, and making regular bank deposits.   You need a computer and learn how to use QuickBooks Online. Good news is that there is no experience necessary and it isn't difficult to learn.

Off Season; minimal as needed

Attend Monthly Board Meetings; not required

Auxiliary Committee

Work with Auxiliary Chair to complete tasks such as the developing the annual year book, ordering trophies, support opening day ceremonies, supporting closing day ceremonies, supporting team sponsorship coordination.

Attend Monthly Board Meetings; not required

Sponsorship Committee

Work with Sponsorship Chair to coordinate sponsorship efforts and pursue sponsorship opportunities within the community

Attend Monthly Board Meetings; not required

Webmaster – Committee Member

Work with the league information officer.

Before season; update website for new year, include sponsorship info on website. 3 to 4 hours.

During season; update web site with current standings as games are reported – 1 to 2 hours/week.  update league notices, i.e. all-stars etc. 2 to 3 hours for year.

Off Season; minimal as needed

Attend Monthly Board Meetings; not required

Facility Clean-up Coordinator – Committee Member

After tryouts prior to games; schedule a league wide, field/batting cage cleanup day.  Coordinate a day that works for most to clean up CMR facilities.  Come up with task list and assign volunteers to complete that day.  4 to 5 hours

During season; involved as need, coordinate a cleanup crew after opening/closing ceremonies.

Off season; none

Attend Monthly Board Meetings; not required

Player Agent Support – Committee Member

This is an opportunity to collaborate with current Player Agents to learn about the position, as well as, formulate new ideas to improve league operations. The individual will support Player Agents to manage registration, plan and organize tryouts, verify player residence or school attendance within CMRLL boundaries, manage player waivers, and facilitate the All Star selection process.  10 hours per month from November to January in preparation for registration, tryouts, and division drafts. 10 hours in April/May/June to prepare for All Stars.

Attending Monthly Board Meetings; not required

Hit-a-Thon Committee Chair

This is an opportunity to establish a new CMRLL community activity and fundraising opportunity. The individual will consider vendors or other methods to staff, market, and facilitate a Hit-a-Thon on behalf of the CMRLL Board of Directors. The Hit-a-Thon would be an opportunity to bring our entire LL community together for an activity mid-season or when the committee recommends would be most beneficial timing for the community.

Attending board meetings; Not required. Committee will work directly with VP and sponsorship chair.







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